Everything You Need to Know About Fixed Porcelain Bridges in Drexel Hill

If you are someone who recently lost their teeth, know that dental bridges are fixed appliances. Moreover, they are an effective solution to replace any lost tooth. The common kinds of bridges include classic porcelain that is fused to metal bridges. What are they made of? Bridges are made of crowns over anchoring teeth and prosthetic teeth (pontics), and they cover gaps left by missing teeth. While it is true that bridges are long-lasting, they do wear out over time. So, one may need to replace bridges after some years. Not sure which dental bridge to get? Your dentist at the dental office in Drexel Hill can help. 

What is the procedure like?

If you are going for fixed porcelain bridges, you must have questions regarding what would happen during the process. Note that if you are going for fixed porcelain bridges, you may need two or more appointments. What typically happens during the process is that the anchor teeth are prepared after being numbed, and an impression is taken for production at a dental lab. 

When you go for the second visit, you’ll be asked to wear a temporary bridge, while the permanent bridge is examined, altered, and cemented. Do not be worried, these bridges are long-lasting, and your new bridge will last for a very long time if you follow the care guidelines. Make sure to make it a ritual to do regular brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups.

What do these bridges do?

As we have already somewhat mentioned, fixed dental bridges are excellent options for some people. It can help with filling in gaps left by missing teeth, maintains facial structure, stops teeth from moving, improves your smile, and restores chewing and communication. If you have been considering getting partial dentures, these would be a better alternative. 

Traditional and aesthetic method:

If you go for these bridges, rest assured that they are not only strong but also aesthetic. They are often made of porcelain bonded to metal or ceramic. Because of its durability and likeness to actual teeth, porcelain is a strong and dependable material for prosthetics. Even while porcelain dental bridge procedures are generally risk-free, it’s crucial to address any potential hazards with your cosmetic dentist before getting one done.

Final thoughts:

If you are still not sure whether they are a good option for you, get in touch with a dentist in Drexel Hill today.