The Process and Benefits of Amalgam Replacement in Woodbridge

If you are planning to get amalgam replacement for your dental fillings by a general dentistry dentist, you’re not alone. In recent years, the use of amalgam for cavities has been a cause of concern. Many individuals in Woodbridge are choosing to replace amalgam to improve their dental health and overall well-being. In this post, we will discuss the procedure of amalgam replacement and its benefits.

The Procedure of Amalgam Replacement:

The method of amalgam replacement starts with a thorough examination by your dental practitioner. The dentist will evaluate the situation of your existing filling and decide if it is essential to replace it. Mercury exposure is one of the crucial reasons patients elect to replace their amalgam fillings. Mercury is a toxic substance that amalgam fillings contain that can be hazardous to health if exposed to it over a period of time. While performing the replacement procedure, your dentist will cautiously dispose of the amalgam filling.

Initially, the amalgam filling will be removed by using a drill. The high-pressure suction device is also used to make sure all the particles and free mercury are drawn away. Dental practitioners make sure that none of the constituents are ingested or inhaled by anyone. Therefore, this procedure is done by an expert with precision to eliminate any risk of release of mercury vapors. Porcelain and composite resin are some of the alternative materials that are used, once the old fillings are removed.

Benefits of Amalgam Replacement

One of the main benefits of amalgam replacement is the use of porcelain or composite material as an alternative which possesses certain qualities:

  • These materials are non-toxic
  • Blend effortlessly with natural teeth for a more appealing result.

Moreover, replacing amalgam fillings can assist in preventing further harm to your teeth. Over time, amalgam fillings can weaken the tooth structure and increase the potential for cracks or fractures. By using alternative materials, longevity of the tooth structure can be achieved.

Cost of Amalgam Replacement:

The cost of the amalgam replacement procedure is dependent on multiple factors such as the type of materials used and the number of fillings being treated. However, it is always considered a valuable investment.

To summarize, amalgam replacement has multiple advantages for patients looking to enhance their dental well-being in Woodbridge. By understanding the process and potential advantages of this procedure, you can make an educated decision about your dental care.