Is It Safe To Perform Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Is it safe to whiten teeth? Many of us want slightly whiter smiles, but is it worth putting your health at risk to get that?

The good news is that teeth-whitening methods have advanced substantially over the past many years and are currently considered safe for the majority of people. However, some essential factors remain to consider before beginning treatment, whether at home or at the family and cosmetic dentistry in Jackson Heights.

Is it safe to perform a teeth whitening procedure?

You can stain teeth if you look closely. Many elements of our contemporary lifestyles actively impair our capacity to keep our teeth white.

Here are a few common daily practices that might discolor teeth:

  • Consuming stains-causing beverages like coffee, tea, or other dark liquids
  • Consuming tar-containing tobacco products, such as cigarettes,
  • Not cleaning your teeth enough or not sufficiently when you do
  • Tooth damage or injury

Dental fluorosis and early tetracycline antibiotic use are two more factors that could lead to staining. Whatever the root cause of your tooth’s discoloration, you will ultimately determine if you want to brighten your smile by considering teeth whitening. Remember that discolored teeth are not much of a health risk as long as your gums and teeth are clear of cavities.

Treatment options

Once you decide to get teeth whitening therapy, the next choice is to go to the dentist’s office or perform the at-home remedy. The amount of bleaching chemical employed is the key distinction between these choices.

As you might expect, professional dentists have access to larger concentrations of peroxide than what is accessible for at-home usage while performing teeth whitening procedures. However, the greater dose also requires a skilled professional’s knowledge, so you may relax knowing that the medication is being given correctly.

If you choose to pursue the at-home whitening method, several options are available on the market. Each has particular rules for how often to use whitening agents and how long they should remain on your teeth.

Other considerations

Although the American Dental Association declares teething whitening to be safe, it is often not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Ask your doctor for suggestions on safe alternatives.

Teeth whiteners used at home or by a professional can make people more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Most of the time, this can be controlled with sensitive toothpaste or over-the-counter painkillers. Ask your dentist about alternate whitening procedures if you have sensitive teeth.