Effective Non-Surgical Treatments to Alleviate Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Jersey City back pain can make even the simplest activities difficult and affect your quality of life. While surgery is an option for some, several non-surgical treatments can alleviate chronic back pain. Here are the most effective non-surgical treatments for chronic back pain.

Lumbar interlaminar epidural steroid injection

The lumbar interlaminar epidural steroid injection is a minimally invasive procedure that can significantly relieve chronic back pain. It entails the injection of a steroid medication into the spine’s epidural space. The steroid medication reduces inflammation, which in turn reduces pain.

When your doctor injects the medication into your back you may feel a slight pinch and some pressure, but the procedure is generally painless. You may also experience soreness or discomfort at the injection site for a few days following the procedure, but this should subside quickly. You can return to your normal activities the next day.

Spinal cord stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is a non-surgical treatment option that involves implanting a small device under the skin of your back. This device delivers electrical impulses to the spinal cord, which helps to alleviate pain. The device is connected to a small remote control that allows you to adjust the strength and frequency of the impulses.

Spinal cord stimulation is typically used for chronic back pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments. The device can be turned on and off as needed, and the patient can usually go home on the same day as the procedure. The device does require some maintenance, such as changing the batteries, but most patients find that the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

Lumbar facet block

This procedure is similar to the epidural injection, but it targets the facet joints in the lumbar spine. These joints are located between the vertebrae and help with the movement and stability of the spine. Facet joint injections involve injecting a local anesthetic and steroid medication directly into the joint.

The procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes, and the patient can usually go home the same day. The injection medication helps reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, and the effects can last for several months.

Lumbar radiofrequency ablation

Lumbar radiofrequency ablation uses radiofrequency heat to destroy the nerves sending pain signals from your facet joints. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

The heat is delivered through a small needle inserted into the affected area. The destroyed nerves can no longer send pain signals, which can alleviate pain.

Intrathecal pain pump

An intrathecal pain pump is a non-surgical treatment involving implanting a small device under your skin that delivers medication directly to the fluid surrounding your spinal cord. The medication helps reduce inflammation and swelling, which can alleviate pain.

Your surgeon will program the pump to administer a precise amount of medicine directly into the intrathecal area at certain intervals.

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