Dental Implants in Tukwila: Improving Your Oral Health and Restoring Your Self-Confidence

For a lot of dental experts, dental implants are the most effective kind of tooth replacement as they can restore the oral health of the patient in ways that other options cannot. Dental implants do not just mimic the look of natural teeth but also improve your oral and overall health. As long as you get the implants from a trusted Tukwila dentist, you will end up with new teeth that look and function like your original teeth. 

Dental Implants Have a High Success Rate

Dental implants have a success rate of more than 95 percent. A lot of kinds of dental restorations last just for a few years, but dental implants can last for decades when you practice good oral hygiene. 

Dental bridges are expected to last 5 to 7 years, and even if some of them can last a decade, they will eventually need to be replaced. Dental implants are surgically inserted into your jaw. The only part of the implant that may need to be adjusted or changed is the artificial tooth that sits on top of it. This tooth can be a dental crown. 

How Dental Implants Can Benefit Your Health

Getting dental implants as a replacement for missing teeth can offer many benefits to health. After you lose a tooth, the teeth that surround the created gap will shift toward it, causing misalignment. Also, tooth loss can lead to jawbone resorption due to the lack of stimulation used to be provided by the root of the tooth you lose. Dental implants are designed to function like teeth roots, stimulating the jawbone and keeping it strong. Also, they function like your natural teeth, which means you can continue to eat your favorite food even if you have implants. Diet restrictions can deprive your body of essential nutrients. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this when you get dental implants. 

Cosmetic Benefits

Smiling because of missing teeth can be embarrassing. But once you get dental implants to fill the gap, your self-confidence will be restored. You can then smile, eat, and talk without worrying about your implants falling off. You can keep your natural smile, avoid gum recession, and preserve the look and shape of your face.

And because implants are not susceptible to cavities, they can maintain their look for years. However, you still have to see your dentist regularly for routine cleanings and checkups.  Compared with other teeth replacement options, dental implants have more favorable outcomes.