Work Permit Medical Check Up: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an employment pass applicant, you will be required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to get a medical check up for work permit. Clinics can perform medical check up for work permit on work permit (WP) holders and foreign workers at affordable rates.

Many clinics also perform chest x-rays, making them one-stop centers for medical screening needs and full body check-ups. All MOM’s and ICA renewal pass or work pass applicants who have been granted IPA (in-person approval) will get a copy of the medical exam form.

The medical examination will usually include a chest x-ray (to check for tuberculosis), blood test (to check for the malaria parasite, syphilis, and HIV), and urine test (to check for sugar levels and pregnancy. The examinations will also include a medical examination to check if the individuals are mentally and physically fit to work.

Applicants will then submit the medical check up report as well as the application to MOM’s Work Pass Division or Singapore’s ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) together with the in-principle approval letter. Those who are found with infectious diseases won’t be granted an employment pass, work permit, or permanent residence.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be done when undergoing a work permit medical check up?

Generally, the process involves the following:

  • The in-principle approval form needs to be presented together with the passport. After payment, registration will be done and you will be provided with a receipt.
  • Medical requirements can vary depending on the pass one is applying for. However, typically, a series of measurements are taken to check for one’s weight, blood pressure, height, and eyesight accuracy. The urine will be tested for the females while the albumin and sugar levels will be tested for both men and women.
  • X-Ray Imaging. You will need to follow the instructions of the radiographer to ensure you will get accurate chest x-ray imaging results.
  • Blood Taking. Blood samples will be drawn to test for VDRL, malaria parasite, or HIV. For standard tests, only one tube will be drawn.

What should you not do before your check up?

Usually, no fasting will be required. Females are advised to schedule their appointments at least 5 days before or after their menstruation so it won’t affect the result of the urine test. You will also be required to bring and present your identity document (passport/FIN/NRIC) as well as the letter from the Ministry of Manpower.

If you have had a chest x-ray within the past 6 months, you need to bring the original copy or the “certified true” copy of the result. This is important so verification can be done properly. If you are on long-term medications, you need to bring your medication along.

What medical tests are done for work permits in Singapore?

Generally, the medical examination will screen for four different types of infectious diseases, namely, HIV, syphilis, malaria, and tuberculosis. You will also be checked if you are fit to work. Those who will fail the tests will be sent home. Applicants can be sent for more tests if employers have other specific health concerns.

How long will a medical check up often take?

Health screenings can involve different tests like heart urine sample collection, blood sample collection, mental health screenings, etc. Depending on the screening package required, the process can take from 30 minutes to around 3 hours. If there are abnormalities detected, applicants may be asked to undergo further reviews.