All on Four Dental Procedure has been making a lot of buzzes lately. It is a cost-effective and graftless way to get yourself a brand new smile when you have multiple missing teeth. It is also a great option for those who don’t want removable dentures but are looking for something more permanent. However, before making any decision about whether you should undertake this procedure or not, you must have all the knowledge required. It is only imperative that you know what the surgery does and how it can help you.

What is All on Four Procedure?

All four procedure is carried out by implanting two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to a 45-degree angle in the posterior. The implant is titled to utilize the available bone. This also helps in avoiding grafting. Once these four implants have been secured on the upper or the lower jaw, a new set of replacement teeth are then attached. One of the best things about this procedure is that you don’t need to place a titanium implant every time you lose a tooth. All on four has become increasingly popular because it helps to reduce the time and money spent on dental implants. It is also lesser painful than the removal of dentures or standard implants. The biggest upside of the procedure is that the results are extremely natural-looking.

Why should you opt for this procedure?

Restoring Smile in a single session

The implants which are used as a part of the treatment are placed in the jawbone. This helps to promote the structural integrity of the jawbone and preserve it. It works to provide your face with a better-looking structure over the years. This dental procedure is carried out by using some of the most innovative systems which have been designed to give you a brand new set of teeth only in one sitting. As compared to implant procedures, this procedure is less time consuming and not so costly. The procedure is carried out in one session alone.

No Grafting Required

One of the best things about this procedure is that the treatment time is quite short. This is because the tilting of the posterior implants helps in the prevention of needing a bone grafting process. Bone grafting is one of the most time-consuming procedures. This tilting approach followed by all four procedures helps to achieve long term results at a lesser cost when compared to other implant procedures.

More Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable than dentures

When you have a mouth full of teeth, it helps you speak with more confidence. You can chew and digest your food well. The patient gets a whole new lease on life. They no longer have to worry about the complications of the dentures. As the implants are planted to the jawbone, the chances of embarrassing moments are lesser. These implants have to be taken care of like your natural teeth. Having them will help to improve your quality of life and morale.