Federal disability programs like Disability Benefits Insurance (SDI) and Government Benefits (SSI) help persons who are unable to work because of an accident, illness, or other medical limitation. About 8.2 million individuals are now receiving Social Security disability (SSD) payments, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies Priorities (CBPP). Re-entry or re-training for a new job is required for eligibility.

In the disability claims procedure, age is an important consideration. What are the different age groups for filing a Social Security disability claim? There are four criteria used by the Social Security Administration to assist establish an applicant’s fitness for new employment. Disability lawyers Phoenix in Arizona explains in further detail the different age brackets that qualify for SSD payments in this blog article.

The Importance Of Social Security Disability’s Age Groups

Disabled persons might get Social Security disability payments to help them get back on their feet financially. To begin, a candidate must demonstrate that they are unable to return to their old job. In addition, a candidate must demonstrate that they are unable to locate less physically demanding employment via job retraining.

When determining whether or not an employee is a good candidate for job retraining, age is an important consideration. “chronological age in conjunction with your residual functional capability, education, and job experience” is what the Social Security Administration considers when determining a person’s eligibility for disability benefits. It’s important to consider each one of these aspects. It is less probable that the SSA will approve vocational retraining for an older employee.

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Four Ssd Age Groups:

The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers four main age groups when determining an applicant’s potential for vocational retraining. At the time of completing your application for SSD or SSI benefits, it depends on which category you fall under. In Arizona, there are four Disability Benefits age groups:

  • On the basis of their age, workers under the age of fifty are deemed to be excellent candidates for vocational re-education. Having said that, if you’re under the age of 65 and suffer from a serious medical condition, you may still be eligible for Social Security disability payments. But the SSA believes that those under the age of 50 are quite trainable.
  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) understands that prolonged occupational retraining may be a difficulty for workers who are approaching advanced age (50 to 54). When it comes to employees nearing retirement age, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is significantly more lenient when it comes to deeming them “unsuitable” for retraining. In other words, if you’re above the age of 50, you’re more likely to have your SSD claim granted.
  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) classifies workers 55 and beyond as being of advanced age (between the ages of 55 and 59). Because of their advanced age, only the most basic kinds of job retraining are deemed suitable. However, it is feasible that the Social Security Administration (SSA) may consider an applicant in their late 50s to be eligible for some minor retraining.
  • When a worker reaches 60 years of age or older, they are said to be nearing retirement age. They are, in fact, only a few years away from receiving their Social Security retirement payments. Candidates in this age range are usually never required to undergo vocational rehabilitation. ” Instead, the SSA will look to see whether the applicant’s current talents can be applied to a job with fewer demands.

An SSD claim will take into account a wide range of circumstances, including one’s age. These are situations that are well-known for their difficulty. It’s possible to get help from experts. An expert Arizona disability attorney can answer any inquiries you may have concerning Social Security disability age categories.


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