What to Expect When You Skip Your Dental Appointments in Plymouth

Some people consider dental visits a chore. However, regular checkups with a Plymouth dentist are important to keeping your oral health in shape. Many people skip dental appointments because they do not have insurance coverage or have dental anxiety.  Others are too busy and cannot keep up with their routine dental visits. Whatever your reason for skipping your appointments, you may realize late that it has been years since your last visit. 

Why Visit Your Dentist Regularly

If you want to prevent oral health problems, you need to stay on top of both at-home oral hygiene and dental visits. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are important due to the following reasons:

  • Catch dental issues early. Your dental visits allow your dentist to spot any dental issue and address it right away while treatment is still less expensive and most effective. Oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease are common issues in those who neglect their oral health. These issues can be treated and reversed if discovered early. Also, your checkups will let your dentist find signs of oral cancer. 
  • Build a solid relationship with your dentist. As you visit your dentist regularly, they will be able to tailor advice and support based on your specific needs. 
  • Discuss your concerns. Through your dental visits, you can talk to your dentist about any issues you may have about your smile. Your dentist can walk you through some solutions that fit your situation and advise you on what you can do to keep your mouth in top shape. 

What Happens If You Always Skip Your Dental Appointments

Skipping your dental appointments will allow plaque and tartar to accumulate on your teeth. Plaque bacteria produce acids that can damage your teeth’s enamel and lead to tooth decay. When not removed, plaque will turn into tartar, forming below or above your gum line. Plaque can turn into tartar, forming below or above your gum line. Tartar can cause gum recession and gum disease. Regular brushing and flossing cannot remove tartar. 

Thankfully, by visiting your dentist every six months, you can avoid dental issues caused by plaque or tartar buildup. And any dental problems that may develop won’t be able to progress into an irreversible state. Skipping dental visits is particularly not advisable for those who have an increased risk of developing oral health problems. These include smokers, those who have diabetes, and pregnant women.