What Are the Ways in Which Substance Abuse Affects Your Life?

People cope with stress differently, some workout while some resort to overeating and few find solace in consuming drugs and alcohol. Using drugs and alcohol provides some kind of relief and the difficulties doesn’t seem so hard to manage. This type of behavior will repeat the next time difficult circumstances pop up and this repetitive nature becomes a destructive habit and starts affecting the different aspects of one’s life.

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One is addicted to a substance when he has no control on consuming it and feels like he cannot function without it. Following are the ways in which drug addiction affects the person’s life:

  • Physical Health- It is difficult to see the damage the drug is doing to the body during the early days of consumption, but the continuous use of it and for a long time can harm your heart, lungs, liver and kidney.
  • Mental Wellness- The consumption of chemicals regularly can cause mental health problems. These problems include paranoia, psychosis, dementia and schizophrenia.
  • Relations- The addiction of drugs will not only affect the addict but also his family. As the drugs change the structure of the brain, the addict cannot think clearly and not control the urge to consume drugs. The family and friends won’t understand why addicts are consuming drugs when they know it is harmful.
  • Finances- The constant urge to buy drugs can lead the addict to start borrowing money from friends and family also from lending institutes. The money problem can also occur due to not wanting to work because he is intoxicated.

Different types of substance consumption which can affect mental health are:             

  • Cannabis- Its consumption makes people happy, but at the same time can make them feel paranoid and anxious. Frequent or long time use of cannabis can also lead to psychosis.
  • Alcohol- As it is legal, it becomes easy to get it. Drinking can be linked to having mental illness. Excessive drinking can make a person do something which he won’t do if he were sober like suicide or self harm.
  • Cocaine- It can make you feel confident and talkative, but in long run it can cause problems like paranoia, depression and anxiety. If mixed with other drugs it can even cause death due to over dose.
  • Ecstasy- Its use may make you feel energetic and confident but if used continuously then it can lead to memory problems.
  • Heroin- It is very addictive and can cause serious issues with passing of time. It can make you feel happy, relaxed and sleepy.

You can get addicted to drugs and alcohol no matter what your religion, race, class or status is in the society. You just have to come to terms with the fact that you have a problem and get a professional to help you.