Warning Signs That It Is Time to Get a New Retainer

After using braces or clear aligners, retainers help straighten teeth. Retainers are worn after orthodontic treatment to stop teeth from shifting. They safeguard your diligent effort while keeping your teeth straight. Retainers are merely temporary. Seven signs that it could be time for a new retainer are listed below. There are many ways to get cosmetic dentistry for your family in Fairfield.

Pay attention to the signs to get a new retainer. 

  • Use and Abuse

The most obvious indications of retainer replacement are wear and tear. Your retainer’s performance could be impacted by aging. Damaged retainers may not fit properly, which decreases their ability to hold teeth in place. Your retainer has to be replaced if there are any visible cracks, chips, or other damage.

  • Tight Fit

If your retainer is too loose or does not fit properly, replace it. With time, your retainer may distort. Your teeth will not be held securely enough by it. If your teeth have moved, get a new retainer and visit your dentist.

  • Pain or Unease

If your retainer hurts, get a new one. When worn, the retainer you select should not be painful or uncomfortable. Your retainer might need to be changed if it hurts or appears loose.

  • Poor flavor or odor

If a retainer tastes or smells terrible, replace it. Bacteria might cause poor breath and an unpleasant taste on your retainer. This could be a sign of incorrect retainer cleaning, which can cause problems with your dental health.

  • Lost Retainer

Do not wait to replace your retainer if you lose or break it. Your teeth could shift back to their original positions if you do not wear your retainer, destroying your hard work. Your orthodontist can provide you with a new retainer.

  • In a Bite

It is possible that you need a new retainer if your bite or dental alignment change. Your teeth may shift if your bite changes, rendering your retainer useless.

  • Shade Loss

Take out the stained retainer. A discolored retainer may be a sign of insufficient maintenance or wear.

Do You Need a New Retainer?

Retainers are necessary to keep your teeth straight. They protect your work and keep your teeth secure. Retainers, however, are only temporary. If any of these signs show, get a new retainer. If you are unsure whether to switch out your retainer, speak with your orthodontist. Remember that maintaining good oral health is essential to keeping your teeth healthy and properly aligned for many years to come.