The vital signs of a healthy and unhealthy bladder as per ConfidenceClub!

Ignorance is something that nobody accepts but everybody suffers from. We might be getting bouts of anger and yet shun this thought away angrily. What else? We might be suffering from a medical condition and yet not know if it is there. For example, many people find out about cancer when it leads to a terrible stage. And then, what about incontinence? How do you tell if it is there or is it not? How do you know if it is the time to buy now, Confidenceclub asks, some pads and products? Well, one such way is by seeing the health of the bladder. But how do you know if a bladder is healthy or not? There are signs that tell about it, says Confidenceclub Australia!

Vital Signs of a Healthy Bladder!

A bladder functions by retaining the urine by relaxing the muscles around and then emptying it by contracting those muscles. But when the bladder fails to function well, you see various ails happening. For example, incontinence starts to surface and instill scare. So how do you know if a bladder is healthy?

  • The frequency of urination tells a lot about bladder health. When the bladder is healthy, it will be able to contain urine according to its proper capacity. A normal bladder usually holds around 500ml or urine at max. This means that you would need to urinate around 4-6 times a day. Also, know that the urge to urinate normally starts taking place at around 300 ml.
  • A healthy bladder does not pain while holding urine or urinating. If there are infections in or around the bladder, it would pain.
  • You wake up at night when there is urine inside the bladder that needs to be emptied. A healthy bladder will function well even if you are sleeping, says Confidenceclub Australia.
  • When a healthy bladder is full, it will tell you about it and give you far enough time to find a place and release and smile at ease.

Signs that your bladder is unhealthy!

So what about the signs that give you certain indications that you need to see a doctor?

  • An unhealthy bladder will give you frequent urges that you need to urinate. Sometimes the urge would be so strong that it will contract without giving you enough time to reach the toilet. You need to buy now, Confidenceclub says, incontinence pants if you suffer from this urge incontinence.
  • You are unable to empty your bladder completely at one go. This is the sign that the bladder is not contracting completely and thus holding a certain amount of urine thereafter.
  • You are leaking out urine frequently or even after you are done urinating.
  • There is blood in your urine. This is a fatal sign and you need to see your doctor immediately.
  • It pains to pass the urine. This usually indicates that there is some infection in the urinary tract or bladder.
  • If you are not drinking enough water and yet going to urinate again and again, then this is a crucial sign that there is something wrong with your bladder. An increase in frequency of urination always needs to be observed closely. There might be many issues, but one of those could be a bladder problem.

If you ever see any of these signs pulling your shirt down and calling you, do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call a doctor, says Confidenceclub Australia. These conditions are easily manageable at the earliest stages, but when times fall behind, things become hard. If you are already suffering from incontinence, then you might need to buy now, Confidenceclub suggests, some supplements that can help you heal these underlying problems. For example, you might try Horsetail, or Gosha-jinki-gan, etc. These herbal supplements have been found to be helpful in treating the condition.