Pre and Post-Chemical Peel Tips to Optimize Your Treatment Results

Skin imperfections, from aging signs to acne scars and hyperpigmentation, to name a few, can take a toll on your confidence. A practical skincare regimen can help deal with the blemishes, keeping the skin healthier and glowing for an extended period. Among the additions that can boost your skincare efforts is the chemical peel Southlake. Chemical peel entails outer skin layer removal and exfoliation, which revitalizes your skin and helps you spot a youthful look. It is an effective skin treatment option, and with the proper preparation and aftercare, you can optimize its results. Below are a few pointers to help you get the most out of the chemical peel.

Skin preparation

Measures like a nighty retinol application can help thin your skin’s top layer, making it easier for the chemical peel to go deeper and deliver an even result. The retinol approach can even help smooth wrinkles and clear some blemishes as it promotes cell turnover. Such preparations prime your skin for the chemical peel, but before diving into nightly retinol, you should talk to your aesthetician. Besides helping you pick the right retinol products, they will tailor the chemical peel formula with its use in mind.

Protect the skin

Protecting the skin from UV exposure before the peel is essential. Besides minimizing the damage, the protection improves the skin’s health, making it easier to realize the best chemical peel results. The expert will help you determine measures and products you should discontinue days before the peel. This may include exfoliants and scrubs, self-tanners, retinol (unless used as recommended), and waxing. Moreover, you may also be advised to stop taking certain medications like aspirin. A chemical peel will help address skin imperfections, but it doesn’t mean you should slack on keeping it healthier. The better your skin and overall body are prepared, the higher the chances of realizing the desired results.

After the treatment, you should also protect the skin from sun exposure. This includes wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher for daily use), protective clothing like hats, and antioxidant to help fight the free radicals since there is a chance some rays will get on the skin. Scheduling the chemical peel when you can spend more time indoors is advisable, lessening the chances of sun exposure.

Include a series of treatments

A single chemical peel offers notable results that can improve your skin texture and tone. However, scheduling a series of sessions is recommended for a more dramatic impact. You will build on the results and realize a more optimum effect, especially when managing more serious skin concerns like acne scars. The ongoing treatments can help keep the developing aging signs at bay and diminish or eliminate severe skin blemishes, ensuring you squeeze the most from the chemical peels.

Combine chemical peel with other treatments

Dermaplaning before the chemical peel is recommended, which helps remove hair and dead cells on the skin’s surface. Combining the chemical peel with other treatments like hydra-facial or micro-needling can help rejuvenate the skin from the inside out and keep it healthier, allowing you to realize better results.

Spotting a striking and youthful look can be challenging, especially when battling skin conditions or aging signs. Including chemical peel in your skincare routine can turn the situation around as it improves your skin’s health, looks, and products’ efficacy. Call Serendipity Med Spa today for more on the chemical peel or to schedule your appointment.