Orthodontic Tools for Your Teeth

If you have crooked or gapped teeth, you probably find it embarrassing to display them. As a result, you may not smile so much when taking group selfies. Fortunately, you can rectify your teeth issues by visiting Andrey Gaiduchik DDS orthodontics centers across America.

They offer various orthodontic equipment based on your needs, which we will discuss. After identifying them, you will also learn ways of caring for them. If you do not, they may not help your teeth much. Without further ado, here is the various dental equipment to choose from.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces contain metal brackets that are placed on your teeth. In order for them to stick to your teeth, the orthodontist uses an adhesive and wires. They are suitable for solving issues like misaligned jaws, crowding, gapped teeth, and overbite. They move your teeth by exerting continual pressure on the teeth and jaws.

Once you have these braces, there are certain foods you must avoid, such as bubblegum, nuts, and candy canes. These foods loosen the wires and thus delay treatment. As for popcorn, it will get stuck between the braces.


After you take off your braces, you will still need to straighten your teeth further with retainers. Although braces straighten your teeth, they do not keep them firmly in their position. You can opt for either fixed or removable retainers. If you opt for the latter, there are certain things to do to care for them.

If you brush your removable retainer, use water and antibacterial soap instead of toothpaste. The latter may harm your retainer due to its abrasiveness. You may notice a yellow stain on this orthodontic item at some point. If that happens, scrub it with a soft brush, water, and baking soda.

Clear Braces

Some people would like to wear braces but do not want metallic ones. Fortunately, clear braces blend in your teeth because they resemble enamel. They correct the same issues that traditional braces do. The major difference between the two is that clear braces are generally more expensive.

If you want these braces to remain clear, you must avoid foods that stain your teeth. That means you must not consume coffee, sodas, alcohol, or anything with artificial coloring. Since some people may find it hard to avoid these foods, it would be best if they keep a toothbrush nearby.

Self-Litigating Braces

They resemble regular braces, except they do not require rubber bands for attachment to the metal arch. Another advantage they have over traditional braces is that they are painless and deliver quick treatment.

These braces are susceptible to damage by acidity. Therefore, you should avoid acidic foods like bananas, eggs, and seafood. Instead, you should eat beans, whole grains, and unsweetened dairy products.

Clear Aligners

They reposition teeth like braces but are more convenient since you can remove them. Generally, they take 6-18 months to correct the teeth, which is quite a short duration.

Each time you remove the aligners, remember to rinse them. Bacteria tend to collect in the aligners, so rinsing them prevents bacteria from multiplying.


Thanks to technological advancements, there are different ways to align your teeth properly. Additionally, you are spoiled for choice. After wearing these dental items, you may wonder if you must wear them forever. Fortunately, dentists remove them within 1-3 years. Remember, your healing duration depends on how you care for them. If you do not take care of your braces, for instance, they will get loose, and you may take at least three years to recover.