Lookin’ Schmick: 5 Steps For Perfect Bench Sanitising

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is this: germs get around. It’s so unfortunate, but germs have a way of grabbing hold, multiplying, staying put and sticking around in a way that can be hard to get rid of without proper sanitary materials.

This is why Clinell wipes and other sanitary wipes have been so imperative in home kitchens, hospitality venues, medical centres, offices and other workplaces in the past couple of years.

Sanitary wipes have the potential to kill 99.99% of germs they come across, ensuring an essentially germ-free workspace if properly used.

So, what is the perfect method for bench sanitising? Well, you could just quickly wipe the cloth over the benchtop, but this may not get the job done properly.

Instead, follow this simple method for ensuring your bench – whether at home or at the workplace:

  • Wipe the bench in an “S” shape

If you really want to ensure you are covering a whole surface, the way you want to wipe the bench down is to do it in an “S” shaped pattern. Following these patterns will ensure that you are going from top to bottom and side to side, covering all the necessary surface you can whilst eliminating 99.99% of germs you come across.

If you are working across a larger operation bench space, all you have to do is break down the “S” into smaller, patterned sections. This way, you will be able to work your way across the bench whilst covering each section.

  • Work from top to bottom

Not only will working from the top side of the bench to the bottom ensure that you are able to comfortably work your way down (as opposed to working upwards, which can be quite uncomfortable), it will also help you to more easily grab all the potential germs that are situated on the bench.

With this motion, you will have full control over the bench, picking up all kinds of germs as you work downwards – it’s the ultimate way to go!

  • Work til it’s dirty

Can you see that the bench you are about to clean is quite dirty and could use a serious wipe down? If so, be sure to clean your bench until the sanitiser cloth is dirty.

It’s not hard to tell when the cloth is becoming dirty: it appears to be taking on the bench’s micro dirt and dust that you might not otherwise see! So, just keep working until the cloth becomes a bit soaked and has some of that grey matter on it – this way you will know that you’ve given the bench a good couple-of-times-over.

  • Leave the bench to air dry

You don’t want to dry your bench with a tea towel right after sanitising it – this runs the risk of dirtying what you just cleaned and potentially spreading other germs over a freshly-sanitised bench!

Instead, all you have to do is allow the bench to air dry. Given that sanitising clothes don’t contain much moisture it really doesn’t take long for the air dry to happen and for you to have a perfect clean bench!

  • You only need one cloth per bench

Sanitising cloths are so effective that you really only need to use one cloth per bench. After all, they are known for killing 99.99% of germs with one good, solid wipe down, so naturally you don’t have to stand there for ages, wiping down the operation bench with cloth after cloth after cloth – just the one will do the trick and do it very well!