Learn About the Usefulness of Heating Mantles

Heating mantles are important to heat or temper organic liquids that are placed in round-bottomed flasks, reaction kettles, or pertinent reaction vessels that are needed for the evaporation, boiling, extraction, and distillation process. You will find heating mantles as non-stirring or stirring types without controllers or with controllers. Heating mantles propose a brief heat-up duration and even distribution of heat without forming condensed water and are utilized in labs. The products don’t create flames; hence, they tend to be safe to heat above 100oCentrigrade.

Kinds of mantles

heating mantle price differs based on its rigid or fabric form, and these mantles are flexible that can be molded to accommodate a huge array of flask sizes. A rigid mantle can fit a specific kind of flask, or it can be filled to accommodate different sizes. On the other hand, a metal-housed mantle is ideal for some lab settings that include development and research laboratories. Again, the metal-housed heating mantles are made for fitting flasks that have capacities between fifty and six thousand millimeters. These mantles propose higher temperature capacities that go up to 450oC.

The working mechanism of mantles

A heating mantle creates energy by changing AC voltage, and intense energy gets consumed to generate a higher degree of needed heat. It can result in the melting of the fuse or blowing of the socket. Hence, you shouldn’t connect your mantle to your wall socket directly. In place of that, you can use a transformer. A heating mantle takes up a little time to get heated up, and this is the reason you need to pre-heat it when the need arises. Always separate the mantle and the flask while turning off the heat, and it lets the mantle cool down.

Benefits of heating mantles

You can reap rich benefits by using heating mantles:

  • A heating mantle can achieve a higher temperature compared to other heating devices.
  • You will be able to witness uniform flask heating.
  • Unlike water or oil baths, when you use a heating mantle, you will find it to be generating no liquid residue for dripping off the flask.

Some safety tips when you use a heating mantle

You must follow some safety tips when you utilize a heating mantle. So that you can control the input voltage, you need to utilize a heating mantle that has a variable autotransformer. Again, you must not plug it into a 110 V line directly.Follow the suggested level of input voltage that the manufacturer has mentioned because if you exceed this voltage level, you might witness fiberglass insulation melting because of overheating.Never utilize heating mantles for vacuum distillation of unstable or heat-sensitive materials because it might seem tough to control accurate temperature levels.When people utilize an older variation of heating mantles, they need to be conscious that they might have asbestos insulation in place of fiberglass. Hence, they need to dispose of this insulation accurately and substitute them with fiberglass.

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