Jaw Reduction Treatments: How Do You Achieve a V Shape Face?

A ‘V-shaped’ face has long been associated with feminine beauty in the culture of Asians. This appearance is distinguished by a slender defined jawline that merges into a pointed chin. As staunch supporters of natural beauty, we don’t believe that this appearance is ideal for everyone. Unless the natural facial structure and features complement this appearance, you can only get a ‘real’ V-shaped face via cosmetic surgery, and all of us know how horrible plastic surgery could sometimes be.

Non-invasive jaw reduction methods such as ultrasound-based procedures could help in slimming down or sculpting the face. Injectable procedures such as BTX and fillers may help to define the face. These procedures assist to enhance facial features and create the illusion of a younger, fuller face.

What Is Non-Invasive V Shape Face Slimming?

While surgical techniques for face contouring are available, many people prefer energy-based devices and injectables for facial definition and slimming. It’ s due to the fact that they’re safer, may be just as effective, and are typically reversible in the event that the final outcome is unpleasant.

Minimally-invasive BTX injections and dermal fillers may improve facial features and produce the desired aesthetic result for face definition. This may be customized based on the individual’s face morphology and end objectives. The end effect is a dramatic face shape that looks fantastic even with no makeup.

Skin tightening methods that are ultrasound-based such as Ultherapy, however, employ micro-focused ultrasound to heat underlying tissue and reach the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer. This causes skin remodeling with minimum recuperation time.

The following are some of the most successful non-invasive facial slimming treatments available in Singapore:

Facial Slimming with BTX

BTX jaw reduction procedure is a non-surgical, non-invasive approach for slimming down the face and restoring it to a young, healthy form. Years of jaw muscles overuse (e.g., clenching, chewing) lead it to overdevelop. This leads to a square-jawed appearance.

This procedure slims the face by administering BTX into multiple locations along the masseter muscles’ length.

This makes your jaw muscles relaxed and inhibits nerve impulses in the region, causing your jawline to shrink and your cheekbones to seem fuller and elevated.

Overall, BTX facial slimming treatment reduces muscular jaw size, creates a more defined jawline, a softer curved cheek, and leads to a thinner face.

BTX injection to the masseter muscles for facial slimming has an average duration of four months. Facial slimming benefits may continue up to six months after numerous sessions (typically at least three).


HIFU is a non-surgical procedure that may shape the face with no downtime or surgery. This therapy not only increases elastin and collagen synthesis, but it also melts fat in the double chin and cheeks. Facial slimming (V-face shape), skin tightening and lifting, double chin reduction, and skin tone enhancement are just a few of the advantages.

HIFU employs ultrasonic waves to reach the skin to depths of 1.5, 3, and 4.5 mm. The process warms collagen fibers, causing them to tighten and thicken, resulting in a lifting and tightening effect; the high energy released also dissolves face lipids.

Only one HIFU session per year is required for the stimulation of collagen.

Due to individual variances in the quantity of face fat, numerous HIFU treatments may be required to get the desired outcomes for fat melting and facial slimming.

Filler Injections

Fat pockets within your face, particularly those that dangle underneath the chin, make the face seem larger. A V-shaped face is one approach to make the face look thinner. Not all people are born with a distinct chin and jawline, which allows them to acquire the desired facial shape. Chin fillers may help with this.

Dermal filler procedures include injecting soft gels into your skin to add volume and contour the jawline.

Facial augmentations to achieve the ‘V-shaped face’ may be accomplished by administering chin fillers in the target region – this would pull the chin forward to make it more well-defined and sharper, making a face seem smaller.

Fotona 4D

The Fotona 4D Laser is a non-surgical laser therapy that may treat wrinkles, skin laxity, skin texture, and uneven skin tone in a single treatment session, as well as enhance drooping skin in the bottom half of the face. Fotona’s unique SmoothLiftin™ mode, particularly, helps tighten and lift drooping jowls, chin, and cheeks, for a more distinct V-shaped face with no downtime. It works by directing non-ablative laser radiation into the oral cavity, specifically the bottom of the cheeks. This causes regulated warmth in the mouth cavity, encouraging collagen contraction and synthesis. From the exterior, the FRAC3 and PIANO modes tighten the skin even more, while the Er:YAG laser enhances its texture.

The end result? The chin and midface were dramatically tightened and lifted, skin plumpness was added comparable to a filler surgery, and nasolabial folds were significantly improved. We suggest three treatments on average for best results.