Impact of Gender Discrimination on Mental Health

Women and transgender are prone to be discriminated against in workplaces, homes, and academic institutions. It can lead to anxiousness and hindrance to everyday routine. To cope with the stress and other correlated problems, one should consult the best psychologist in Lahore.

What is Gender discrimination?

Gender discrimination or sexual discrimination refers to unequal treatment of individuals based on gender. Gender discrimination is a worldwide problem. Reportedly, most societies value men rather than women.

What areas of life can be affected due to gender discrimination?

The areas that are affected include:

  • The job opportunities and the pay rate are known to be different for women as compared to men. Research shows that women are not treated equally and are excluded from meetings in workplaces.
  • Girls in schools are not encouraged to pursue science, math, and sports as they are considered to be more suitable for boys. The early age discrimination builds anxiousness in girls.
  • Married women are treated inferior to their spouses. They are supposed to consider and consult their husbands’ preferences in matters such as money, job, and travel.
  • Women in public feel safe as they cannot express themselves freely.

What is the impact of gender discrimination on mental health?

Gender discrimination is the reason for inducing stress. Stress and anxiousness can be problematic if not treated. Women are more likely to be anxious as society does not consider it an issue and normalizes the behavior that values men more. It directly jeopardizes mental health leading to severe issues. Research has shown gender discrimination is correlated to anxiety disorders, depression, post-trauma stress disorder, and an eating disorder.

What behavior can correlate to anxiousness regarding gender discrimination?

The behavior of people with an anxiety disorder include:

  • Remaining tensed in public places
  • Feel stressed while having a conversion with the opposite gender
  • Increased heart rate in public places
  • Hyperventilation
  • Sensing danger at all times in public
  • Sweating and trembling

What can a person do to cope with the anxiety?

The person who knows that sexist remarks and other things regarding gender discrimination stresses him/her out that affect the mood and other life aspects should talk to a psycholo\gist and seek therapy to learn to cope with stress and anxiety to function adequately.

How does a psychologist help?

Gender discrimination directly leads to disorders or at the least anxiety in most people. A psychologist is trained that can help understand the person of the environment and perception of others. The known methods that are considered to be helpful to cope with anxiety include; relaxation techniques, counseling, -Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The psychologist would also make the individual understand his/her worth and how lifestyle changes can promote their mental wellbeing and strengthen their position in society.

Gender discrimination is prevalent around the globe. It induces anxiety within the individuals that find themselves inferior to another gender. It has an adverse impact on their functioning in everyday life. To deal with the stress and regulation of emotions, the person should visit the best psychologist in Karachi.