Get The Emergency Care You Require Without the Wait in Sugar Land, TX

Accidents happen every day and often cause serious injuries. Such severe injuries and health conditions need emergency care to restore the patient to a stable condition. However, most hospital emergency departments don’t provide timely responses, which might worsen the condition and threaten the patient’s life. But you don’t have to worry anymore because the team of skilled doctors at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital provides exceptional Sugar Land emergency room services without waiting. The hospital is always open 24/7 and guarantees fewer than five minutes to wait in its lobby. Walk in for care or call the hospital for the best emergency care.  Read on for more details about emergency care.

What Exactly Is Emergency Care?

Emergency care is a hospital-based service that offers immediate medical care for life-threatening health conditions. However, most hospital emergency departments don’t respond on time. You might have to stay for hours before being examined by an emergency room doctor. St. Michael’s Elite Hospital is a state-of-art medical facility with a modern emergency care room open 24/7. Emergency patients only have to wait for less than five minutes in its spa-like lobby before being admitted into the exam room, which is highly equipped even with a flat-screen television. Here, you are guaranteed the best treatment, care, and comfort at an affordable cost.

When Do You Require Emergency Care?

Now that you know emergency care, you probably wonder which conditions need emergency care. You require emergency care if you have a life-threatening health condition including; high fevers, broken bones, allergic reactions, chest pain, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, and severe bleeding. St. Michael’s Elite Hospital team offers efficient and safe emergency care for individuals of all ages, including infants. The care includes inpatient hospital beds so they can offer extra monitoring and care of your emergency condition until you are fully stable.

What Should You Expect During Emergency Care?

When you go for emergency care, the team of providers starts by asking your reason for the visit, reviewing your medical history and symptoms, and enquiring about the medications or supplements you are currently on. After that, the physicians will undertake a physical exam and the appropriate diagnostic tests to rule out or confirm a diagnosis. The common diagnostic tests include; X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, Urinalysis, Extremity MRI, blood work, and strep throat. The doctor will recommend a particular test based on your current health state.

The team makes a diagnosis from the testing and discusses it with you. They then give treatment recommendations to manage your emergency health, including getting admitted to the inpatient unit. After the treatment, you are permitted to go home with appropriate instructions on following up on the treatment for full treatment and care.

Do not risk your life or that of your family member or friend by waiting long for emergency care. The team of specialists at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital gives the compassionate emergency care you require without the wait. For emergency care without delay, call or walk in at the hospital today.