Facts about Alcoholic Wet Brain


Alcohol addiction is a grave problem for people. They may experience many physical and mental health issues. One of the health problems is the wet brain. It isn’t well-popularized however it is like a slow drug killer as it forms the base of experiencing grave issues related to brain functions. 

The syndrome’s of wet brain meaning isn’t known by all. Thus, they aren’t aware of it till their doctor indicates the ailment occurs when you suffer from many health issues. To prevent falling into the pit of wet brain, the initial thing to do is to stop remaining addicted to alcohol. That can be easily done by joining reputable Detox to Rehab health care centre. They won’t let go of their patients from their care till they have fully recovered thus, it is best to plan to get yourself admitted to the rehab centre. 

Few facts about wet brain and other health issues caused due to alcohol addiction: 

  • The chemicals present in the human body change because of excessive alcohol consumption. That is the reason why gradual scarring of the liver happens and this leads to a large amount of toxins in the body. 
  • A person’s brain gets damaged slowly and the coordination of body parts and memory get affected adversely. This is because the alcohol is turned into glucose sugar in the person’s body. 
  • Wet brain happens when there is a lack of thiamine in the body. The body stops producing Vitamin B1 that result in brain damage. 

There are other causes of being troubled with wet brain however, according to medical experts the great contributor is remaining addiction to alcohol. The level of thiamine can be maintained naturally by including certain food like pork, beef, potatoes, eggs, asparagus and oranges. The person needs to stop the consumption of alcohol and try to lead a healthy life.