Chronic Inflammation Secondary To Alcohol Use Can Increase Risk Of Heart Diseases

Whether it is stress that is causing you to binge drink or you are drinking to numb your physical or emotional pain, excessive consumption of alcohol can slowly harm your physical as well as mental health. Your relationships can fall apart and your career can hit rock bottom if you indulge in alcohol use more often than you can handle. 

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Short-term effects of alcohol consumption

In short term, alcohol consumption affects your mood and adds to impulsive behavior. You can develop GI disturbance, headache, vision and hearing disturbance, improper perception and coordination, and slurred speech. In some instances, you can even fall due to a complete blackout which can cause injuries. 

How alcohol affects the body in the long –term?

  • It can cause depression, anxiety disorders, and even suicidal ideation. 
  • Sleep gets affected and you can suffer from insomnia. 
  • Your sexual function and libido decrease drastically preventing you from having a good sexual life.
  • Your weight fluctuates a lot, appetite decreases, and lack of nutrition affects your immune health negatively. 
  • You cannot concentrate or focus on tasks which in turn affect your productivity at work. 
  • You indulge in high-risk sexual behavior which can increase your chances of getting STDs. 
  • Emotional and family life suffers and you get involved in frequent arguments and even violence with people. 
  • Liver damage caused by excessive alcohol intake is a life-threatening condition that occurs in chronic drinkers. 
  • Insulin resistance, pancreatic and digestive health also get affected as your body is exposed to constant higher inflammatory levels. 

Alcohol can affect your body negatively in many ways especially if you are crossing your moderation limits frequently. Anything more than 1-2 drinks each day for both men and women is going to be harmful in the future. Regular drinking even in safe amounts can affect mental health and hence, must be avoided.