Benefits of Using Heavy Blankets

Covering up yourself in a blanket feels like getting a giant hug. If the blanket is warm, soft, and cozy it’s the right beginning.

However, do you have any idea about how the weight of the blanket can decide how comfortable the blanket is.

Heavy blankets vary in shape, size, material and color depending on your preference. To make the blankets heavier they get filled with tiny pellets of plastic.

Some blankets have added weights, making them perfect for a small child. The others have 20 or more pounds added which is suitable for adults.

How do heavy blankets work?

Your heart beat increases when you are stressed. When this occurs, it is necessary to look for mindfulness techniques and stress relief like meditation and deep breathing to get your heart rate back to normal.

The weight of the blanket on your body can be helpful to calm your heart by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

The pressure therapy uses heavy blankets, and a calm amount of pressure is put on your body, that feels just like you are hugged, stroked, held, or swaddled.

The perfect weight and size of a heavy blanket depend on the person’s wants. Here are four different ways that heavy blankets can help adults and children.


Due to various reasons people are anxious these days. It is the feeling of being worried or uneasiness, mostly about something related to the future.

It can make your heart rate increase rapidly and breathing is faster, this is the result of your body beginning to stress.

The weight of a heavy blanket puts the autonomic nervous system to rest and reduces some anxiety like breathing and heart rate. This provides a sense of calm overall.

Sleep Disorder:

If you are someone who turns and tosses on the bed every now and then you are not the only one.

There are millions out there who face similar issues while sleeping. And around 40 million people face a long term chronic sleeping disorder.

Sleep and disorder can be a reason for the sleep disorder to begin and make the problem worse than it was.

Using weighted blankets puts calming amount of pressure on your body thereby relaxing your breathing and heart rate.

These blankets help the body to calm down so that they get to sleep well as it should, so that when you wake up you feel fresh. has prepared a guide for all of you telling about the weighted blanket pros and cons. To get the perfect detail on it you can visit their blog page and get to know all about it.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder):

Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has a hard time to control themselves especially when they must pay attention or sit still.

This can be problematic being in school or home and even affects your studies. It even disturbs your relationship with people around like your family and friends.

The heavy blanket activates the sense of touch and helps children to pay attention  and distract from sound coming from the surrounding.

Heavy clothing or blankets help them in paying attention, fidgeting less and stay seated in a place.