Advantages of Using Picoseconds Laser for Tattoo Removal 

As the number of tattoos has increased, so has the demand for efficient tattoo removal techniques like lasers. Due to their various colours, tattoo inks provide excellent targets for certain lasers that operate on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis. Traditional laser tattoo removal techniques use pulse lengths in the millisecond range. This range of pulse duration is still too long to efficiently pulverise ink into tiny enough particles, though.

皮秒 (10–12) lasers have become the industry leader in laser tattoo removal due to their shorter pulse lengths, which cause the target chromophores to heat up more quickly and effectively. Picosecond lasers have been shown to produce more successful therapy results in recent investigations. Picosecond lasers have made it possible to perform incredibly customised and focused treatments, remove even hard-to-target tattoo colours, and improve tattoo quality.

PicoSure Honeycomb Pico Laser is the world’s first breakthrough treatment among the various Pico Laser options on the market that is painless, non-invasive, and extremely effective at chasing pigments without anti-blackening. It is utilised in The Retens’ clinic. The US FDA has approved PicoSure, the first picosecond laser in the world with three wavelengths.

Benefits of Pico Laser 

Less Number of Treatments 

90% of your tattoo can be removed in as few as four treatments using the Pico laser tattoo removal technology. Fortunately, treatments last between 10-20 minutes, so you can get them done during your lunch hour. It will seem as though your tattoo never existed in the first place in a remarkably brief period. Although you’ll see significant progress after the first session, it may need 6-8 sessions to completely remove a tattoo.

No Downtime 

Pico laser (PicoSure) has a shorter pulse duration than many other lasers that produce heat. Even though there may be some redness and swelling, therapy will allow you to resume your normal activities immediately. If you have a hectic lifestyle and can’t take many days off from your routine, this is the best remedy.

Removes all Tattoo Colours 

All ink colours, but especially greens, blues, and brighter colours, are incompatible with old laser technology. However, PicoSure will effortlessly split these inks. Therefore, if you have a tattoo that is brightly coloured, you can rest assured that you can still remove it.

Permanent Removal

Your results after undergoing laser tattoo removal will be irreversible. You won’t have to feel forced to live with an undesirable tattoo. To prevent hyperpigmentation from developing or coming, it is better to apply sunscreen daily.

The treatment can be performed on a wide variety of tattoos as FDA has approved it. The laser can target the ink particles while also ensuring that only a minimal quantity of heat is conveyed to the skin because its energy is given in brief bursts. Compared to older optical device tattoo removal methods, the treatments are speedier and always require fewer sessions. 

The benefits of using the Pico laser for tattoo removal are endless. However, it all matters if you go to a reputable clinic to use this treatment. look around properly before choosing a centre for tattoo removal through Picoseconds laser.