7 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Popular

A missing tooth can be embarrassing because it makes things like smiling, talking, and even chewing in public a problem. Also, a missing tooth increases the risk of further tooth loss and jaw deterioration, which may affect your facial appearance. Westfield implants are a good way to prevent such occurrences while maintaining a natural look and feel. Dental implants use a titanium attachment, which your doctor implants in your jaw, to act as your new root, and then a crown on top of the implant to complete your new tooth. Dental implants have several benefits, including the following:

They Prevent Further Tooth Loss

Your teeth need their roots and the surrounding teeth to keep them in place. Therefore, after losing a tooth, your surrounding teeth may tilt towards the missing tooth gap and then become loose. You can prevent such a state by getting a tooth replacement with dental implants. The implants will provide another root for your new teeth, and this replacement will keep your tooth stable, thus preventing any further loss of teeth.

They Have More Durability

You want to replace your missing teeth with something as durable as your natural ones. Dental implants are known for using titanium, so they tend to last longer than other dental options. On average, your dental implants can last for up to 10 years before you may need another dental implant session.

They Prevent Bone Loss

After losing a tooth, your jawbone weakens, and over time, your body breaks down and begins reabsorbing some bone tissue. Bone loss will continue to occur until you seek medical treatment. Dental implants reduce such effects by preserving your alveolar ridge, thus lowering the bone reabsorption rate.

They Have A Natural Look and Feel

Your dental implant will act as your new artificial tooth root for stability and firmness. Your doctor will put a crown on top of your dental implant to mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth. Also, dental implants are more comfortable than other alternative dental treatments.

They Restore Facial Cosmetic Appearance

A missing tooth will lead to jawbone loss which then interferes with your face shape. You will likely notice sagging skin, collapsed cheeks, a sunken appearance, and bite misalignment. Such facial changes are easily noticeable with a missing tooth. However, dental implants can reverse such changes by preserving your jawbone structure and preventing further bone loss.

They Improve Your Speech and Chewing Abilities

A missing tooth will likely cause a lisp in speech, as gaps will change your way of speaking and how you pronounce consonants. Also, you may find it hard to eat your favorite dishes again with a gap as doing so may cause pain in that area. Dental implants allow you to talk normally again, as you would with your natural teeth. You will also be able to eat a healthy diet again after a tooth replacement with dental implants.

Dental implants are the new treatment for a healthy individual seeking a dental transformation for missing teeth. Dental implants provide an artificial root to your new tooth, and then later, you can receive a crown topping to give your new tooth a more natural and desired look and feel. Dental implants use titanium metal and therefore offer durability for up to 10 years, thus reducing the need for replacement after every short time. You can enjoy all these benefits and much more with dental implants, especially if you want long-lasting results for a confident smile.