6 Reasons to Grow Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a popular strain of weed loved among many for its medicinal benefits. Purple Kush is a cross between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani.

This plant looks beautiful when it blooms, and it offers a numbing high with its resin loaded buds. If you are a weed cultivator, you need to include this strain in your collection.

Whether you want to use it yourself or you own a weed shop, this strain of cannabis is a must-have for everyone. Here are some of the top reasons why you should grow Purple Kush. 

1- Short flowering time 

Purple Kush takes a relatively long time to grow, but it only takes 7 to 8 weeks to mature when it starts to flower. It can also take as low as six weeks, depending on the climate. This characteristic makes it great for a yearly harvest. You can buy bulk Purple Kush seeds to increase your overall production each year.

2- High TCH percentage

Purple Kush boasts of a high TCH percentage ranging between 18 to 25%. Most plants will have around 20% THC. This provides an extreme high that can knock you out in minutes. This is also why it is also commonly used as medicinal cannabis. Patients that suffer from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, 

3- High yield 

This strain of weed has a very high yield. You can get about 600grams per meter square when grown outside and around 500 grams/ square meter when grown inside. The plants yield dense buds with high resin production when grown in optimum conditions. You can use several methods to grow this weed inside, ensuring a high yield every time.

4- Very flavourful

Purple Kush has a primarily sweet flavour that is loved by many. It has a distinct grape flavour that gives you a wine-like taste. When you exhale, you can also get a spicy, peppery aftertaste. A lot of people love this distinct candy-like sweet flavour.

5- Provides an intense high

Purple Kush is not for the faint of the heart. It gives you an extreme high that can cause a numbing effect. The effect starts with a euphoric cerebral buzz and extends throughout the body. It acts fast on the body and causes a sedating effect on your body. This effect makes it a popular choice among many weed enthusiasts. 

6- Resilient 

This strain of weed is very resilient to extreme weather conditions. It is so because both the ancestor plants come from an area with an extreme climate. This plant is drought-resistant and survives in cold temperatures easily. This is why it is the perfect type of weed to grow, even for beginners. Even if you make mistakes during the plant’s growth, the final result will likely not be affected. This is a very forgiving strain of cannabis.

To end with

Purple Kush is a popular strain, so it is always worth having in your collection. Although it can be difficult to grow since it has a long vegetative stage, it is a very profitable weed to grow due to its high yields and resistance to extreme conditions. If you want to buy bulk Purple Kush Seeds, you can visit the website of United Strains of America for high-quality seeds.