5 Types of Sports Injuries to Watch Out For

As a sports player, you will occasionally suffer some injuries. If nothing is done to address the injuries, they may worsen and prevent them from playing in future games. Fortunately, you can treat the injury by visiting several sports medicine New York centers or other states. 

The beauty of the centers is that there is no sports-related injury they cannot manage. Which are these injuries that they treat, you may ask? Here are six injuries that they treat below.


There are many fractures, but the common one that affects athletes is stress fractures. They are caused by increasing the intensity of the activity too quickly or using the wrong shoes for your sport. Athletes who repeatedly strike their feet on the ground, such as tennis players and basketballers, are prone to stress fractures.

There are several ways doctors treat stress fractures and other fractures. First, they will ask the athlete to rest for around 6-8 weeks. Another remedy specialists may offer is braces or shoe inserts to encourage proper healing. Besides managing your fractures, your doctor will advise you to take preventive measures such as eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D.


Strains are common injuries that affect athletes since they continually use a lot of muscles and tendons while playing. They normally occur because of too much physical activity or improperly warming up before a game. Athletes who get strains usually experience pain, swelling, and discoloration. If the sprain is not serious, you can treat it by applying ice to reduce the swelling. Later, you can reduce the pulled muscle for at least one day.

However, if the sprain results in you being unable to move a muscle or bleeding, seek medical help immediately. If you do not, you may develop arthritis.

Knee Injuries

The knee is the body’s largest unit and contains a complex structure, which makes it susceptible to injury. A common cause of knee injuries is when athletes make sudden turns and stops, which put pressure on the knee joints. Besides making unpredictable movements, knee injuries can also result from a collision.

Fortunately, knee injuries tend to heal quickly on their own through resting. However, if an athlete experiences pain for a long time, they should see a specialist. They may recommend surgery or getting a knee brace.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

These are injuries that affect the muscles and tendons which support the shoulder joint. They occur due to continuous swinging of the arms. People who swim or play basketball can get these injuries.

Rest and physical therapy is all it takes to treat them. However, if they are severe,  doctors will take an X-ray and determine how to treat them.

Tennis Elbow

As you may have guessed, this injury commonly affects tennis players. Tennis elbow is a painful condition caused when tendons in the elbow get overloaded due to repetitive wrist motions. Interestingly, this injury affects people in other professions, such as butchering, painting, and plumbing.

Typically, rest, using ice, and taking painkillers are all you need to manage the injury. However, if these self-care methods do not ease the pain, that is when you should visit a doctor. A specialist may suggest injecting Botox or any form of irritant (prolotherapy).

Thankfully, these injuries are not life-threatening and can be solved without going to a doctor in many cases. However, if the pain persists or you lack any ideas to solve these injuries, a doctor can help you. Besides treating you, doctors will advise you on what to do to minimize these issues. As long as you listen to them, you will hardly visit the hospital unless the injuries result from trauma.