12 Steps Programs to Get Recovery from Addiction

In this modern time, people are mostly busy with their jobs and other work and somewhere in between their busy schedules, they don’t even get time for themselves and their loved ones. This, later on, contributes to stress and anxiety along with their workload and to get rid of this people start depending upon effective things like drugs and alcohol, which later on create various problems.

Where to get addiction treatment?

Keeping the current situation of most people in mind, many therapeutic centers, and rehab centers have been established. However, not every therapeutic can give you the outcome that you expect hence it is quite troublesome and a hectic job to find the right therapeutic center for the treatment.

However, to help people with this genesis recovery is there with its highly structured, zero-tolerance addiction program with great facilities. Its spiritually therapeutic treatment is usually based on four Elements, they are faith-based, clinically based, 12 Steps Programs, and community-based. Together these programs help the patient to deal with her addiction disorder.

About 12 Steps Programs

It is a therapeutic treatment that includes a supportive peer group where they addressed with a new perspective of life and their reasons and needs and not over their addiction. It greatly helps people with addiction disorder as well as dual diagnosis disorder where people simultaneously deal with addiction as well as mental problems like depression and anxiety.

This 12-step program includes the following steps:

  •       Honesty: with this, the patient is taught to admit powerless over the addiction.
  •       Faith: patients build their faith over a higher power, and it can be God or any entity that the patient believes in.
  •       Surrender: here the patient surrenders in front of the higher power accepting their own mistakes and traumas.
  •       Soul searching: this includes knowing their own. Here the patient is introduced to its soul making them realize how their act of addiction is affecting them as well as their loved ones.
  •       Integrity: here the patient agrees and accepts his mistake in front of everyone.
  •       Acceptance: here the patient accepts themselves as they are. Letting their flaws and defects go away.
  •       Humility: Here the patient asked the high power to help him.
  •       Willingness: Here the patient is asked to recall every person he or she hurt before their recovery and asked to make a list of those people.
  •       Forgiveness: here the patient contacts every person they listed and asked them for their forgiveness.
  •       Maintenance: here the patient admits whenever someone around them is wrong.
  •       Making contact: its purpose is to find out the plans that higher power has planned for every person that exists in the world.
  •       Service: the person who already has recovered from the treatment should carry and spread the legacy of the 12-step treatment by helping the people with the same things that they have learned from the treatment.


The 12 steps treatment program not only cures the addiction disorder and their mental issues but also helps them to enlighten their thoughts and soul and helps them to become a better person in the future.